Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Favorite Things- Make-Up

Hi Everyone!

Today I would like to share my top 5 favorite make-up items! I have way more than 5 favorites but for the sake of not boring you to death time, I'll limit it to 5 :-)

1) Clinique Daily Moisturizer (Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion )- I have dry skin and until I started using this product 5+ years ago, I would end up with my foundation clinging to the dry skin and making my forehead look scale-y. I was also told to not remove my make-up at night but to sleep in it and remove it in the morning. Between this moisturizer and that tip my skin no longer flakes or looks scale-y :-)

2) Clinique Foundation ( Clinique Superbalanced Makeup Foundation) - Now I know everyone's skin is different and that this wont be the super product for you just because it is for me BUT that being said, I LOVE this foundation! I have tried other foundations over the years, cheaper and more expensive, and none of them give me the finish that this does. I feel like as soon as I try another foundation my face breaks out. You can use as little or as much as you want so it tends to last me 4-6 months!

3) Translucent Powder ( I dont have a favorite..I usually just get the cheapest one I find and it has never mattered to me )- What this does for me is allows me to have a "flawless finish" look. Living in Florida most of my life, I deal with the heat and humidity virtually year around. Even though I have dry skin, my make up still sweats off or gives me the "shiny/greasy" look after any amount of time outdoors. My trick is to use this powder  a few minutes AFTER I apply moisturizer and BEFORE I put on foundation. ** I prefer using a loose powder but i'm sure the pressed powder works just as well**

4) Mascara ( I have 2 favorites: Urban Decay "Big Fatty" and Femme Couture Monster Lash)- I like dramatic lashes, what can I say? I have naturally long and full lashes so with the right mascara there is no need for falsies! I used Monster Lash on my wedding day and it was awesome. I need to run out to Sally's and grab some more! I am currently using Big Fatty because it was given to me but I have to say for less than 1/2 the price Monster Lash is just as great! No clumps and separates lashes well!

5) EyeShadow ( Stila "In the Light" Palette)- This is an AWESOME palette of colors! You can achieve so many looks and so easily! I love the little guide booklet that comes with it that shows you step by step how to create different looks. The colors are warm but can be used year around!  I cannot believe how much money I have wasted over the years buying individual colors. I think I will forever invest in palettes now!

What are some of your favorites?

Friday, August 2, 2013

Its August! Can we pretend its fall?

..But really, Im so ready for fall. Boots. Scarves. Leggings. Pumpkin Spice Latte. Weather that doesn't reach 80+ degrees everyday. Count me in!

We all know what follows fall...Christmas!! My seasons go : Fall, CHRISTMAS, Ridiculously hot and then HOTTER. I live in Florida..it is what it is!

I've been busy this week preparing for one of my BFFs to come spend a long weekend with me. There will be lots of shopping, TV and eating. I cant wait!! In preparing for her arrival I made 2 batches of Peanutbutter Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies as well as some Strawberry White Chocolate Chip Muffins. SO Yummy!

The family I nanny part time for is going on a cruise next week so I will be off from now until Thursday. I am really looking forward to a little "staycation". I have some recipes to try and maybe even a few DIYs to work on..not to mention spend some time with my favorite dog. It may not sound like much but I am a major homebody. I love my time at home!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

We're baaack!

We are home! We drove ( I guess I should say Brian drove) straight through from Illinois to South Fl. We left Sunday and when we got home Monday we were zombies!

We were a little nervous about how Moses would do on such a long drive but he didn't mind it. Actually, I think he REALLY enjoyed it. He had plenty of room to move around and took turns going back and forth between my lap and Brian's.

We spent the first part of our trip in Brian's home town, New Paris , Indiana.  We stayed with Brian's parents and he got to spend a good part of the week working on his new truck with his dad, fishing, go kart and mini bike riding, visiting friends and shooting. I think this was the first time we have been up there together where we had time to relax and do whatever, whenever! 

I spent a lot of time with Brian's mom around the house and doing a little shopping. We went to Shipshewana one day to visit the flea market and little shops in the downtown area. A very nice little Amish lady complimented me on my chevron maxi skirt :-) I guess it passed the modesty test!

We got to spend some time with Brian's sister Lucinda, her husband Travis and their son Elijah. Moses LOVES Elijah :-)

On Friday we packed up the truck and headed to Illinois for one of Brian's college room mate's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and we had a great time! Great food, Music, Dancing and Friends! The bride was BEAUTIFUL!

Here are some pictures from our trip :

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Happy Thursday!

 I am just wrapping up getting ready for our trip to Indiana(SO thankful to have today off). Its been a busy and hectic week but Im so looking forward to spending the next 10 days with Brian and Moses :-)

In honor of Throwback Thursday I thought I'd share these pictures from Brooke's Surprise Birthday party back in 2009. I miss living so close to my 3 BFFs!

We bought a truck this week! It was very spontaneous and exciting! I love driving it and am afraid I will end up begging Brian to take my escape to work so I can drive the truck! Its HUGE but so fun :-)

Here is a pic of Moses sitting on the hood of the truck. I apologize for the poor photo quality but it is what it is :-) Also, don't mind his glowing eyes !

This happened this week as well:

I  LOVE The Nest on Main! I ordered 2 maxi skirts from them and they came 3 days after I placed my order! So excited to get this dress and necklace!

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Favorite Things- Style

Hello Friends!

 I hope you are all staying safe in this crazy weather going on all over the country. We have had a very rainy two weeks but luckily that has been the extent of our bad weather.  I am hoping for a very sunny Tuesday and Thursday next week so I can spend some time by the pool! This Florida girl needs some color!

Anyways, On to this weeks "Favorite Things" post: Style. I LOVE clothes and jewelry. Shoes? Not so much. Purses: Eh.  But give me a shop filled with dresses and necklaces and I'll be there all day..and the next day too.

I would describe my style as classic cuts with modern accents. I love the way I feel in a pretty A-Line dress with pearls but I am also a big fan of Maxi dresses and skirts. I like all things feminine and frilly but can often be found in a solid t-shirt with jeans.

Here are a few examples of styles currently in my closet:

1)The classic A-line.

I bought this dress last month for a wedding we are going to in July. It is a BEAUTIFUL color and I love that it is a faux wrap dress. Its very flattering on and you can really dress it up or down depending on shoes and accessories.

A-line Style in Purple

A-line Style in Purple by breakfastattiffanysblog featuring platform high heels

2) Casual Solids

I love a comfortable skirt and I have this fold-over style skirt in several colors. I would live my life in skirts and dresses if I wasn't a nanny to toddlers :-) I like to pair this skirt with basic tanks or T's , a denim jacket and jewelry to add a pop color.

Casual look with Foldover Skirt

Casual look with Foldover Skirt by breakfastattiffanysblog featuring a fold over jersey skirt

3: Effortless Fall Look. 

I love the way boots look with skinny jeans. I miss my boots when spring comes and cant wait for a cool or even just a rainy day to wear them again! This look is so simple but still feminine and classy.

Coral Basic Pieces

Coral Basic Pieces by breakfastattiffanysblog featuring marc by marc jacobs

4: The Maxi (Dress or Skirt)

I love a nice flowy maxi. I am on a kick of collecting them right now. I tend to stick to solid colors but last week I broke down and ordered 2 chevron print maxi skirts. They were on sale for $13.99 each so really, I just had to.


maxis by breakfastattiffanysblog featuring jeweled shoes

5: Skinny Jeans with a Flow-y Top

This is one of my favorite Summer looks! So easy to throw on and go!


skinnies by breakfastattiffanysblog featuring denim skinny jeans

Whats your favorite style?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Favorite Things-Kitchen Appliances

I. Love. To. Cook. PERIOD.

I used to hate to bake because I was impatient and not confident in it..now I LOVE it! I love making cheesecakes, cupcakes, cookies..you name it, I'll bake it.

I love cooking dinner. I love trying new recipes. I love hosting and entertaining. I love the kitchen..my favorite room in any house! I am so excited to eventually own a house and make it my own..especially the kitchen! I always thought I would want a cobalt and yellow kitchen FOREVER but lately I have had the urge to brighten it up big time with some pinks, greens and teal. I suppose this will be my new project..collecting things here and there. Im really loving the spring collections at WorldMarket.com

Anyways, back to my post- Kitchen Appliances. Here is my top 5 list of favorites and then my top 5 Pinterest Wish List :-)

Raclette Grill- Back in September my husband and I visited Switzerland. He had to work but I was lucky enough to explore and sight see. One night one of the wives of someone he works with in Switzerland invited us over for an authentic swiss dish- Raclette. WE. FELL. IN. LOVE! This handy little grill made specifically for raclette warms the meat/ potatoes/ bread/whatever you want on top and melts your cheese and toppings in a little tray below. Its kind of the same concept as fondue where you cook your dinner individually at the table but a bit heartier in my opinion. Picture it- A steamed baby potato smothered in melted cheese topped with WHATEVER YOU WANT ( mushrooms, peppers,onions,garlic,bacon,hametc..get creative). YUM. After telling my mom all about it she bought a Raclette grill for us for Christmas. Now we can enjoy it whenever we want..and we DO!

Kitchenaid Mixer- Aside from my Engagement/Wedding rings and my Pup this is my favorite gift from Brian. I cannot express to you how much I love mine! I use it almost on a daily basis. It is a kitchen staple in my opinion!

Food Processor-While its still new to me and i'm learning new things every time I use it, I LOVE IT! It makes everything just a little bit easier. I cannot wait to make my Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa mix this fall! It was very difficult in my mini food prep last year!

Keurig- When I was a live-in nanny the family I lived with had a Keurig and it was my first experience with one. I love the convenience and simplicity of it! When I have coffee its usually on the go and I don't feel like measuring out coffee/water for one person. Keurig bought=problem solved.

Rice Cooker- Another staple in my opinion. I use this weekly..sometimes a few times a week. I absolutely love my cheap little rice cooker because it makes perfect rice every time. It also makes great quinoa!

Now, My wish List :-)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A few of my favorite things..Home Decor

Hi Friends! The next few posts will be a few of my favorite things ( hence the blog title) followed by a few of my favorite pinned things that go along with the category . Today I will start with a few of my favorite decorations in our home. Enjoy!

1) My Wedding Wall. This is one of the first home decor projects we did together. I love the "Finger Print Tree" my sister made for our wedding guests to "print". The silhouette couple is actually one of our engagement pictures. I feel like its the perfect centerpiece in our wedding picture wall! This is above the loveseat in our living room.

2) Our Standout Picture. This is probably my favorite wedding picture. Even though it was the end of the night and my hair was getting crazy, Trevor managed to get another great shot! This is above the TV in our living room.

3) My 2 Vanities! The first one was a Christmas gift from my Mother and Father In Law. They put a lot of hard work into repainting, adding new hardware and recovering the stool! They picked up a large mirror to go with it from an antique store in Indiana and I can't wait to bring it home with me in July! The second one was my mother's from when she was a child. My grandfather was in the military and stationed in Japan at the time and thats where they bought it. Up until the first of the year it was dark wood but we( me, Brian and my in-laws) put some work into it and gave it a fresh new look!

4) Our Bed- I love our bed and all the decor around it! I love our $20 Headboard vinyl decal.,I love the prints my sister made of the places Brian and I have visited together, I love the "Miller Family" sign from Brian's brother Edwin and his wife Jill, I love our nightstands, I love the brightness the colors bring to the room..I love it all!

5) My Shutters- Brian's sister Lucinda gave me a ton of old shutter from her house in Indiana to repurpose back when we were there in November. For a few months I moved them from one room or closet to the next until I decided to figure out a project I could use them for. I had one of those hanging travel accessory holders with the little plastic pockets but the pockets were breaking and my necklaces would always get tangled up sitting in there.  I decided to paint and add hooks to them for my necklaces and earrings. I absolutely love how they turned out!

I apologize for the poor picture quality..They are from my iPhone and I never claimed to be a photographer..that would be my sister Ilissa.

Here are a few of my favorite Home Decor Items from Pinterest:

1) Absolutely love this Bed!! Would Looooove to find something similar someday.

2) Love this idea for the guest bathroom. Stock it up for any guests that may be staying overnight.

3) Love for the kid's bathroom. Very clean looking!

4) Love the framed vinyl decal!

5) Simply cheap dining room decor! So easy to coordinate with your theme or colors!

Stay tuned, Next post I will talk about my favorite kitchen appliances!