Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A few of my favorite things..Home Decor

Hi Friends! The next few posts will be a few of my favorite things ( hence the blog title) followed by a few of my favorite pinned things that go along with the category . Today I will start with a few of my favorite decorations in our home. Enjoy!

1) My Wedding Wall. This is one of the first home decor projects we did together. I love the "Finger Print Tree" my sister made for our wedding guests to "print". The silhouette couple is actually one of our engagement pictures. I feel like its the perfect centerpiece in our wedding picture wall! This is above the loveseat in our living room.

2) Our Standout Picture. This is probably my favorite wedding picture. Even though it was the end of the night and my hair was getting crazy, Trevor managed to get another great shot! This is above the TV in our living room.

3) My 2 Vanities! The first one was a Christmas gift from my Mother and Father In Law. They put a lot of hard work into repainting, adding new hardware and recovering the stool! They picked up a large mirror to go with it from an antique store in Indiana and I can't wait to bring it home with me in July! The second one was my mother's from when she was a child. My grandfather was in the military and stationed in Japan at the time and thats where they bought it. Up until the first of the year it was dark wood but we( me, Brian and my in-laws) put some work into it and gave it a fresh new look!

4) Our Bed- I love our bed and all the decor around it! I love our $20 Headboard vinyl decal.,I love the prints my sister made of the places Brian and I have visited together, I love the "Miller Family" sign from Brian's brother Edwin and his wife Jill, I love our nightstands, I love the brightness the colors bring to the room..I love it all!

5) My Shutters- Brian's sister Lucinda gave me a ton of old shutter from her house in Indiana to repurpose back when we were there in November. For a few months I moved them from one room or closet to the next until I decided to figure out a project I could use them for. I had one of those hanging travel accessory holders with the little plastic pockets but the pockets were breaking and my necklaces would always get tangled up sitting in there.  I decided to paint and add hooks to them for my necklaces and earrings. I absolutely love how they turned out!

I apologize for the poor picture quality..They are from my iPhone and I never claimed to be a photographer..that would be my sister Ilissa.

Here are a few of my favorite Home Decor Items from Pinterest:

1) Absolutely love this Bed!! Would Looooove to find something similar someday.

2) Love this idea for the guest bathroom. Stock it up for any guests that may be staying overnight.

3) Love for the kid's bathroom. Very clean looking!

4) Love the framed vinyl decal!

5) Simply cheap dining room decor! So easy to coordinate with your theme or colors!

Stay tuned, Next post I will talk about my favorite kitchen appliances!

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