Thursday, July 11, 2013

We're baaack!

We are home! We drove ( I guess I should say Brian drove) straight through from Illinois to South Fl. We left Sunday and when we got home Monday we were zombies!

We were a little nervous about how Moses would do on such a long drive but he didn't mind it. Actually, I think he REALLY enjoyed it. He had plenty of room to move around and took turns going back and forth between my lap and Brian's.

We spent the first part of our trip in Brian's home town, New Paris , Indiana.  We stayed with Brian's parents and he got to spend a good part of the week working on his new truck with his dad, fishing, go kart and mini bike riding, visiting friends and shooting. I think this was the first time we have been up there together where we had time to relax and do whatever, whenever! 

I spent a lot of time with Brian's mom around the house and doing a little shopping. We went to Shipshewana one day to visit the flea market and little shops in the downtown area. A very nice little Amish lady complimented me on my chevron maxi skirt :-) I guess it passed the modesty test!

We got to spend some time with Brian's sister Lucinda, her husband Travis and their son Elijah. Moses LOVES Elijah :-)

On Friday we packed up the truck and headed to Illinois for one of Brian's college room mate's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and we had a great time! Great food, Music, Dancing and Friends! The bride was BEAUTIFUL!

Here are some pictures from our trip :

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