Thursday, February 14, 2013


Happy Valentines Day!!

 I hope you are all loving and feeling loved today! Brian and I decided that we would only exchange edible gifts on Valentines day. I don't really care for flowers..didn't have a single one in my wedding and being that it was just Christmas, My birthday is next week, our anniversary the week after , then Brian's birthday the following week - I think we are good on gifts.

I got up super early ( hey, 7am is super early to this girl) and made Brian some bacon and eggs before work. When he came out I had his gift ready on the dining room table ..

Brian loves Cherry Coke so I decided to arrange that with his favorite candy bars ( Twix and Snickers) in a cake-like display.

I also made his card this year. Its not as grand as last years but Im happy with how it turned out.

I had to work from 9-12:30 this morning then a nail appointment after( i'm pretty sure it was my first nail appointment in almost a year..) and I came home to find that Brian came home on his lunch break and made me chocolate covered strawberries, got me a card and my favorite candies!

We are going out for Hibachi tonight ( both of our favorite) so I think its safe to say we nailed the "only edible gifts" thing.

What are you doing to show others your love today?

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