Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Its a BEAUTIFUL day in Sunny So. FL

Yeah, Im feeling pretty blessed on my day off today. I took Moses on a short run this morning and by 11am it was sunny and in the low 80s out so I decided to spend a little time at the pool.  It really is a beautiful day!

Brian and I had a great weekend in Ocala celebrating my 22nd, okay, 26th birthday with family and friends! We met up with 2 of my BFFs, Emily ( as well as her husband Aaron) and Brooke ( Whose husband is still out there somewhere... ;-)  ) for breakfast on Saturday which ended up turning into spending the entire morning sitting around a table talking, laughing and "planning" for the future..you know, the kind of plans that involve us all living in a cul-de-sac and raising our babies together :-)

Brooke, Emily and Myself

I dont get to spend a lot of time with them but it makes my heart so happy when we can!

Saturday evening we went over to my grandparents to have cake for my birthday. My Grandma always makes me "Snow Cake" because its my favorite.

Sunday we went to my home church in Ocala then had lunch with my 3rd BFF Natalie! When we left, Brian commented on how much we had to talk about . I told him when you go from seeing your friend everyday then only seeing her once a month, there is a lot to catch up on!

Nat and myself on Christmas Eve

I got some pretty great gifts for my Birthday this year :-) My grandma always makes us Birthday bags that usually have a giant chocolate bar, new socks and a stuffed animal. This year she replaced the stuffed animal with a book. I always look forward to my Birthday bag! My mom got me a beautiful engraved compact, my friend emily got me a really cute cuff bracelet from Premier Design and Brian got me an awesome food processor! 

Sunday night Brian invited a few friends over for a small birthday party ! I got some beautiful flowers ( that I have somehow managed to keep alive for more than a day)from Stacy, a movie and chocolates from Jeremy and the most adorable cake stand from Mandie. We played a pretty intense round of Taboo , Guys vs. Girls and had so much fun! We are so thankful to have friends that love Jesus! God has really blessed us!

Sorry this is the longest post ever! I have a happy, full heart! Oh and guess what! On Sunday I will be celebrating 1 year of marriage to my best friend!

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  1. Hey Tiffany! Happy belated birthday, and happy anniversary!

    I nominated you for the leibster award. Details are on my blog.