Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy New Year!....Oops, its a little late..

Wow! I cannot believe its been almost a month since my last post! I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and New Years!

I saw so many posts about how awful 2012 was and they cant wait for the new year but I have to disagree..2012 was awesome for me! So many wonderful things came from it. I Married my best friend, we moved in and made our little town house a cozy home, I made some great friends, joined the blogging world, joined an awesome small group at church and got our little love Moses! I am so excited to see what 2013 brings us!

Speaking of Moses....

Yeah, He is that cute. We just love him! He is an Italian Greyhound mix that we rescued the weekend before Christmas and he has brought so much joy to our home! Here are a few more pics...

Seriously, He is the sweetest dog ever. He loves to snuggle and sleeps right between Brian and I every night!

In other news, Brian and I have a new niece! Her name is Aliyah and she is GORGEOUS!! I cannot wait to go visit Edwin and Jill and meet this beautiful baby!

Whats new and exciting in 2013 for you?

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