Monday, December 17, 2012

Twas the week before Christmas..

and all through the house...it smells like BLEACH!

Brian was sick last week and I took my vitamins, ate my fruits and veggies but alas it has hit me! So I made it my goal to wash and disinfect everything while Im sitting home sick! I so hope this is a short lived sickness. I have NO.TIME.TO.BE.SICK! But really...who does?

We are headed to Ocala on Saturday and staying through Christmas evening so I also used today to make lists of what needs to go with us, what needs to be purchased and finally did some laundry.

Have I mentioned we will have a new addition to our family this week?? Meet Winston , whose name will be changed to Moses. He is the sweetest! He is almost a year old and an italian greyhound mix. He definitely has the body of an IG but his face and ears don't exactly match :-)

Isn't he sweet? His pictures are deceiving! He is teeny tiny, only 13lbs! We are so excited to have our first pup home! I wish he were here to cuddle with me today while i'm sick.

Also, We got the proofs from Brian's side of the family pics! Cant wait to share all of them with you once we order the digital images. Here is one I do have though:

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