Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Hi guys,

Welcome to this weeks edition of

Im linking up with Michelle and this weeks theme of my pins is

The DIYs I should be DIYing!

1) The glittered mason jar. I recently bought a few jars from goodwill that I plan to use for my craft tools holders. I think glitter would make them more me.

2) Okay seriously? This would take all of two minutes and Im sure Brian would appreciate all of my dear Bobby Pins being in one place. I am known for leaving a "breadcrumb trail" of Bobby Pins everywhere I go..

3)Again with the mason jars...I think this is the most adorable mason jar makeover I've ever seen. End of story.

4) If I had a little girl, she would have the most adorable homemade tutu costume ever. Something like this "Queen of Hearts" costume

And last but not least...

5) This totally cute, super easy to make necklace!

Thanks for stopping by to see my pins!


  1. LOL about the bobby pins. You havent been hre in 2 1/2 weeks and im still finding bobby pins in random places.

  2. I love the "Queen of Hearts" costume! Too cute.