Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Hi Everyone! Its been a good while since I've had more than one post in a week (shame on me!) but like I said before vacation, I hope to get back onto a normal schedule here soon!

This week I am going to share some pictures and stories about our 5 days in Switzerland. My husband was there for work and we booked a guesthouse so It would be more comfortable for 5 days. The guesthouse was part of a Spa resort hotel so we had access to a bath house, sauna, and quiet reading areas. Since I only speak english and don't exactly feel comfortable wandering around a foreign country alone, I decided to bring books and spend a lot of time relaxing in the guesthouse and spa.

A picture of the hotel we stayed in

Day 1:

Sunday morning we arrived in Zurich, Switzerland and set off to Baden. It was a short train ride away and we walked to our hotel from there. Neither of us were able to sleep more than 30 minutes on our LONG plane ride over so we were pretty worn out! We went to check into our hotel and found out that the site we booked on didn't allow us to choose 2 guests, only one so there would be an extra $50 francs a night for me to stay! We were frustrated but so tired so we agreed to it and made it to our guesthouse. It was really a nice 2 story apartment style set up with a full kitchen but all I cared about was climbing into the bed! We slept for about 4-5 hours and decided to get up and explore the town a little and grab dinner.

We met up with Brian's co-worker who also traveled over for business and decided to eat at a restaurant called  Schwyzerhusli. The menu was all in German and none of us spoke a word of it so we took our best guess and pointed out our selection! I ended up with Tortelloni in a White sauce which was reallly rich and creamy! Brian and Allen got two different types of spaghetti. I thought I would order water to try and save a little money but later found it would have been cheaper to have just about anything else! Between the 3 of us we spend $18 francs on water!! Unbelievable!

My Torteloni

The name of our first restaurant

We were all pretty tired and decided to head back to our hotel and try to get on a good schedule so Brian would be able to get up for work the next morning.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more of the rest of our week!

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