Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Home Sweet Home

So very happy to be back in the states! Here is a quick recap of our trip home. Stay tuned for pictures and more stories from our 10 trip to Europe :-)

Sunday evening: Stopped by the info center at the metro and asked what the quickest, most reliable way to get to the airport was. His answer was the RER, very reliable.

Monday morning: woke up, had breakfast and we each put on our carry on backpacks and dragged our 50lb suitcases to the nearest metro to connect with the RER (4hr before flight takes off). We find out that the "very reliable" RER is down due to a strike.

 We quickly hop on the metro to get to the station where the bus stop for the airport is. Here is where all of our running begins with all our bags through tons of people.When we made it to the bus stop we found a long line  of people down the street waiting for the bus that comes every 15 mins and takes approximately 60 mins to get to the airport. We quickly decided I would stand in line and Brian would run around the corner to try to get a taxi. About 10 minutes later Brian came running and grabbed me out of line and told me if we run fast enough we can catch a taxi ride with 5 other people to the airport. We made it, all crammed into the taxi van and set off to the airport. 

We got to the airport with 1 /12 hours till our flight left and got our place in the first of 3 very long lines.

Line one: Baggage drop off and boarding passes. Again I stood in the long line with the bags and Brian ran over to the machine to print our boarding passes. They froze our tickets due to overbooking. Luckily we were safe from being bumped since we had a connecting flight. 40 mins later we made it through that line.

 Line 2: Border Police. We spent about 25-30 minutes being pushed and shoved in and out of zigzagging lines. Once we finished there we ran as fast at we could to jump on the tram that took us to the end of the airport where our gate was. We stood in line for security, made it through and took off running for our gate and made it just in time!

Our flight was comfortable and we made it to Atlanta where we had to pick up our bags from baggage claim, checked them again, ran through security and onto our final flight home. When we arrived we found that one of our bags was pushed back to the next flight and would have to be delivered the next day.

SO happy to be home and  while we had a great trip, I don't plan to travel internationally for a good while!

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