Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The tragus..

The what? Thats probably what most of you are thinking..

I went through a phase..a piercing phase. All in my ears. All still classy ( In my opinion :-D). I have 7 piercings between my two ears but my favorite of all these is the tragus piercing. I only did one at first. One of the patients at the Midwives office I worked for at the time had hers done..but she did them herself!! Ouch!

So that afternoon I set out to find a little tattoo/piercing shop and had my left tragus pierced. To my surprise, it didn't hurt! The worst part was the clamp they used to get a grip on it..and that wasn't bad at all. So why did I wait a year to get the second one done? Who knows ..I absolutely love these piercing and have a lot of fun finding cute little studs for them!

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Here are a few pictures I found on Pinterest of different tragus piercings:

I actually have all of the same piercings as the first picture in my left ear.

Source: google.ie via Tiffany on Pinterest

Source: yelp.com via Tiffany on Pinterest


  1. I love piercings too! (I have 9 beteen my ears and nose) I wanted my tragus but I wear earbuds to sleep and didnt to deal w/ that - so i got my rook instead (By far my fave piercing).

    Super cute blog btw!


  2. Ooohhhh! I really like that feather/leaf stud in the first pic. How very pretty!

  3. Woooot! I indeed like the feather stud and the ribbon stud as well of that tragus piercing. Looks sooo cute! XD