Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Update!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you enjoyed your weekend and told your mom that you appreciate her! Im gearing up for our trip to Indiana(SO excited!) this week. We leave Thursday and come back the following Monday. If you are wondering why my blogging is a little light this week, thats why :-)


Friday morning I spent a couple hours at the beach with some friends from church. Okay, I do realize I was the only one there without children..but thats ok. I enjoyed some girl talk and sun! I came home and packed our bag(s) to go to Ocala for the weekend to celebrate Mother's Day. We made the lovely 4 hour drive when Brian got home from work.


Saturday Brian and I went to my old church's Rummage Sale fundraiser. They had SO much stuff! We ended up with a corkboard(for a DIY project i'm working on) and 3 puzzles. After the rummage sale I took Brian to "Wolfy's", one of my favorite Ocala breakfast places. A little later we stopped by my grandparent's house for a couple hours before heading out to pick up a Mother's Day gift for my mom. I was so happy to be able to get something for her that she really needed! Saturday night we tried a new Japanese Steakhouse in Ocala in honor of Mother's Day. It was pretty good! I love Hibachi! Who doesn't?


Sunday morning we went to church and enjoyed a great service on giving. Afterwards they had a photobooth set up in the lobby to take pictures with your mom. We all took one, will post the pic when they are finished editing :-) We had lunch at Zaxbys after church then went to my grandparents to celebrate Mother's Day with my grandma. We were on the road again my 3pm and home by 7:30pm to relax for the evening before work today!

I have babies Mon-Wed this week which will make packing for Indiana interesting! Im so looking forward to spending 5 full days with Brian, No work!

Its 9:15 and I have a load of laundry in the wash, a roast in the crock pot and potatoes peeled for dinner tonight. Im ready for a good day, are you?

What did you do for Mother's day ?

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