Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Good Finds at Goodwill

Okay, I will go ahead and admit it, I have a problem. I love Goodwill. If Im driving down the street and see a goodwill or a thrift store I have to stop..every time. Brian would like to ban me from all such stores but I keep trying to convince him that it could be worse. After all, everything is marked WAY down! I cant begin to tell you how excited I am to go to my old church's Rummage Sale this weekend. They always have a gym FULL of stuff! Anyways, enough about it..let me show you the two good finds I found last week!

First is an unopened box of Uno cards! I always check out the games they have at goodwill. Most times they are either unopened or have all the pieces and I've never paid more than $1!

Second is this adorable black and white skirt! I paid $4 for it! I think it will look great with a bright springy top, dont you?

Stay tuned later this month for more Good Finds at Goodwill! Oh, and I'd love to see your good finds as well!


  1. I love thrift stores!! I really like the skirt you got! And Uno is the best game ever!

  2. Cute skirt!! I think you're right. A cute spring top is what it needs. Sounds like more shopping is needed. :)

    Did the mug arrive yet? I'm hoping so.