Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Update!

Happy Monday Friends! Im excited to start this week for a few reasons but we will get to that later in the week :-) I hope you all had a great weekend, I know we did!


On Friday morning I drove down to do a little work for my friend Holly, the owner of the online Boutique "Kate and Lulu's"(Check it out, ADORABLE stuff).  Afterwards I decided to head to wal-mart and a few craft stores to scope out materials for my next DIYs. I didn't end up purchasing anything..Im just not finding what Im looking for. 
  Friday evening we grilled out again! We will definitely get our money's worth from this grill. We love all things grilled..we even put bacon on the grill! After dinner we spent the rest of the evening working on a puzzle. I am on a mission trying to find things that Brian and I can do together on nights we want to just stay in. I am not competitive so it doesn't make very many games fun for Brian. We now have our puzzle, Uno, Yahtzee, Scrabble Slam and the game of Life card game. Any other ideas for two player games?


I was excited all week about a huge yard sale being held at the local baseball stadium on Saturday. Apparently Saturday morning I found it more important to sleep in. So bummed we missed it! I love a good yard sale! I got up around 9 and made baked French Toast. It turned out pretty good! We worked on our puzzle a little more before heading to Brian's company picnic. We had lunch there with a few friends from work but didn't stay long. We decided to head to Costco which is always dangerous.. We always end up with more than we came for. This time was no different. We are the proud new owners of a  "Magic Bullet" and some super comfy pillows! After costco we spent a few hours at an outlet mall with our friends Jeremy and Mandie.  I got a great deal on shorts from the Gap outlet, $13.99!! After the outlet mall we went roller skating! My family has  always been big into skating..they even owned a skating rink at one point so its something I've always done. It was fun going with Brian for the first time. He even put on quads instead of inlines :-) So much fun!


Sunday was my lazy day. We went to church then came home to grill out. We worked on our puzzle a little more and then had crackpot BBQ stew for dinner.

What did you do this weekend?

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