Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Update!

We didn't just have a date night, we had a date..weekend :-) I cant put into words how lovely it was to have the whole weekend together with no plans!

Friday night we enjoyed a nice home cooked (okay, crockpot cooked) meal of chicken and dumplings. I'll be honest, I was not impressed with this recipe. It smelled so good all day long but it left a lot to be desired. Does anyone out there have any easy, super yummy crockpot chicken and dumpling recipes? After dinner we watched a few episodes of Lost. Yes, we are that couple. We enjoy watching series on Netflix together!

 I have been asking Brian to help me get some pictures on our walls ( I hateeeee white walls!!) and so he agreed to get them up this weekend. Rather then dreading it on Saturday and Sunday we decided to go to walmart..yes, at 11pm and get the proper things needed when hanging pictures on the wall. By 1 am we were both happy with the outcome and happy to not have to deal with it over the weekend! Here is a picture of our "fingerprint  guestbook tree" and wedding photos as well as a picture of the AWESOME standout photo we ordered from our photographer at Pixelstop. We love it! (Please don't  mind my awful phone camera pictures)

It has been so long since we've stayed up late together..I feel old!

Saturday morning Brian woke up before me and went out to the living room to have some quiet time with God and eat breakfast. He let me sleep in! He learned pretty quickly that if you wake Tiffany up before she is ready..its going to be a long day! I got up shortly after and had my own quiet time. We spent the rest of the day out shopping around town and picked up a movie ( Lovely Bones, I prefer the book..the movie is a little different) and then cooked dinner together. I love cooking dinner together on the weekends. Its much more enjoyable than cooking alone!

Sunday morning I woke up not feeling so well so we ended up sleeping in until 11am! This never happens! When we got up I made french toast and bacon and we stayed in all day watching tv. SO relaxing! When Brian couldn't sit on the couch anymore we ran to Publix and Pyro's ( much like Chipotle...but not as good) for dinner then headed home and played 6 rounds of yahtzee...Brian won..He has never beat me at Yahtzee!!

This was a much needed weekend of just us. We love our friends but lately I feel like we have had so much going on during the week and then our weekends fly by so fast that its necessary to have just us weekends every once in a while!

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