Friday, November 2, 2012


Happy Friday and Happy November!

I absolutely love this time of year! Unfortunately its back to our normal Florida Fall weather (low 80s) but I've decided to keep our house and car cold to justify my boots and sweaters!

Okay, on to High Five For Friday! Im linking up with Lauren From My Grey Desk today!


1) Brian got all of our Christmas stuff down last night and by the end of this weekend it will be Christmas in our house! This is what I have up so far..

2) My friend Mandie got an AWESOME job as the Elementary Students Coordinator at her church and she also got a move in date for her new apartment! Its been fun having her here for a few weeks and I'll be sad to see her go but we are gonna have some fun decorating her new place!

3) These lovely new boots from Old Navy!! Got them last night and cant wait to have a reason to wear them!

4) I get to keep these sweet guys for one more week before they move! So cute!

5) It wouldn't be a great week without my love, Brian! He makes everyday better!

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