Thursday, October 11, 2012

60 years is a long time...

Hello! Happy almost weekend to everyone!

Last week I mentioned that I was really excited about something special we were doing over the weekend and today I am going to share what what was!

My Grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary last week and we threw them a surprise party on Saturday! We ordered a mini- wedding cake, bought a diamond ring cake topper ( since the 60th is the "Diamond" Anniversary), I made a "Sweet 60" banner to hang, and we blew up a ton of balloons!

It was so much fun seeing how surprised they were that all of us from out of town were there to celebrate! Here's a few pictures from the party:

Blowing up the Balloons

The Party room!

Excuse my poor picture quality..I am not the photographer in the family...(I did make that banner though ;-)

The pretty little cake

The cat! My sister Ilissa always poses the cat somewhere when she comes to visit. So funny!

Checking out the cake ( Notice the better quality photo? Yep, My sister took it..)

It was such a fun day!

Monday and Tuesday of this week I got together with 2 friends from church to construct invitations for our "Women's Day Away" next month. We had so much fun and were very happy with how they turned out! We went with a fall theme since, well, its fall.. Check them out!

Yesterday I spent a good part of my day with my good friend Mandie. We drove down to West Palm to see her soon to be new apartment and then set off to find good deals on home decor! We started with Goodwill...and it was a good day at Goodwill. Here are some pictures of our finds!

Everything together

Mason jars- .99 each

2 box shelves($2 each) and 2 flat shelves($3 each)

Pretty wall sconce($2)

My cute little chair for my new craft closet ($15)

Pretty medium sized mirror($8)

After goodwill we went to Bealls Outlet where Mandie found cute Monogramed Hand Towels for her bathroom. We ended up stopping at TJ maxx as well where Mandie found the cutest canvas type chandelier picture to hang in her bathroom. Cant wait to share pics on her newly decorated place! I love a good project!!

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  1. 60 years IS a long time...good for your grandparents! And I love that banner and your goodwill finds. I wish I had better luck thrifting...I just don't have the gift haha