Friday, July 6, 2012

Hi friends! Sorry I haven't been able to post all week, I have had no service!

It has been surprisingly HOTTTTT here in Park Rapids, Minnesota! We have been out on the lake everyday. The guys have been water skiing and kneeboarding and we've all done a lot of fishing! I even caught four fish one day. We have had plenty of bonfires and got to watch some fireworks. My schedule is soo off with them being 1 hr behind and staying up till at least 1am(their time) every night! Next week is going to be rough to get into!

Since I don't have any pictures to share ( sorry guys, no service meant no carrying my phone) I will share a recipe I tried last week before we left. I hope you all had a great fourth and look forward to getting back into the swing of normal life where I blog more than every 6th day :-)

Zesty Roasted Potatoes


    2 cups of raw diced potatoes

    1/4 cup canola oil

    1/2 packet of zesty italian dressing mix( I used a whole packet)


Put all ingredients into a large ziploc bag and shake to coat. Spray a cookie sheet covered in aluminum foil with no-stick spray. Dump potatoes onto cookie sheet and spread into one layer. Put in a 400 degree oven until potatoes are golden brown and tender.

Last but not least, My best friend Natalie has joined the blogging world! Check her out, you'll love her!

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