Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday Ramblings

Its Tuesday morning and I am enjoying some quiet time while both of the 1 year olds I nanny take their first nap of the day. In about 15-20 minutes they will both wake up and it will be time for stories, toys and lunch.  I love the first nap of the day because I am usually able to get a lot done in that hour and a half but today..nothing. Instead I've been reading blogs, responding to emails and watching TV.

"Babyland" at my house

Im looking forward to going out tonight to celebrate our 1 year anniversary(of dating). After this one we will switch to celebrating our married anniversary but I felt like this one was important and should be celebrated as well. Brian is choosing where we go and he HATES when I make him do that! Lets face it though, I love food and chances are I will be thrilled with wherever he chooses..plus it gives me an excuse to dress up..and Im all about that!
A picture of us on Christmas Eve 2011

Last week I went in to talk to the children's minister at our church about volunteering on Sunday mornings. Im really excited to get involved again. Its been about 2 1/2 years since I've been settled in a church and had a schedule that allowed me to regularly attend. Before that I was so involved with my church in Ocala..I was there a couple times a week and loved where I was serving. To say something has been missing this past 2 1/2 years is an understatement!

Im also looking for opportunities to serve in my community. Im looking into become a Guardian Ad Litem. Hopefully my schedule will allow it because I would love to be a voice for children in the foster care system! Please pray with me that if this is something in God's will that the doors will open and I will be able to make time for it!

What is an area you serve in  at church or in your community?

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