Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy Anniversary to ussss!

I know I mentioned it Monday...and a little Tuesday but i'm gonna mention it again! Why not make a big deal out of the small things sometimes?

So Brian took me out last night to celebrate our 1 year together..(dating +married) anniversary. I asked him to choose the place and let me tell you..I was not disappointed! He picked a pretty fancy place that neither of us had ever been to, 3 forks. Their specialty? Steak of course! Brian and I both looove a great steak so much so that we have seriously had to cut back and incorporate other meats into our diet. After our scrumptious meal the server asked if we would like a dessert on them in honor of our anniversary..Um yes! We chose their cheesecake topped with raspberry sauce. Oh my, so rich and creamy. I was so proud for not gorging myself with the meal but once that cheesecake came it was all over!

We had an amazing first year together full of lots of happy memories! I cant wait to see what this next year brings :-)
Lets try taking a picture together before we go.. 
Try again...
Much Better!

after Brian is clearly over taking pictures .." Ok, now just one of me then"