Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, we just got home from Indiana. We had such a great time visiting with friends and family! We ended up buying a car while up there and drove it home. We were in that car for a solid 24 hrs!  Im sad that vacation is over but its always nice to get back into the swing of things!

The first full day we were in Indiana Brian was pretty busy with wedding stuff (He was in his friends wedding) so I got to spend time with Brian's mom and our nephew Elijah. It was nice to be able to talk and get to know his family more this time. Im really looking forward to going back up in December!

Saturday morning we went to several yard sales with Brian's sister Lucinda and his mom. We got a couple good deals then came home and did a little car shopping. Sunday we went to church with his family then out to his aunt and uncle's house for the rest of the day. We spent time on the lake and enjoyed lunch with his cousins. On Monday we went car shopping again and found one we both liked a lot. We have been looking a little here and there since we got married. Brian traded his car in for our escape back in December and he has been driving my old 98 Mirage to and from work since. Im glad he was able to find something he likes! We left Monday evening at 6 to head back home and made it back to our house at 6pm Tuesday. It was a loooong drive but Brian did most of the driving. He is such a good husband!

Here are a few pics from our trip..

Brian and I at Ben and Alanna's Wedding

Us with the Bride and Groom

Our 2 year old Nephew Eli

Brian, Eli and I enjoying a boat ride at Aunt Mary's house.

Brian's new car!

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