Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hunger Games, Food and Budgets...

April was the start of living life on our new budget and we noticed as of the 23rd we had only spent $1(blockbuster box rental) of our "entertainment funds". We tend to be  homebodies. We enjoy cooking together, eating together and watching some netflix together..Which is what we had done for the last 4 days in a row. So after dinner we headed over to the theater to see The Hunger Games. We both had a slight interest since there was so much fuss about it. I usually prefer to read the book first but just haven't been in the reading mood. It was pretty good and sparked enough interest that I plan on reading the rest of the series. It seemed like one of those stories that are better read where you can imagine the faces, costumes etc..  All in all a good date night out.

I've decided to start trying a new recipe every week and tonight is new recipe night! We are having sweet and sour pork from this recipe as well as fried rice. We love food! This is where we go over budget. We actually moved money over from our entertainment fund to the grocery fund because we love food so much! We both like to grocery shop and Brian can never just go in for one thing...he always comes home with several buy one get ones as well.  We need to work on our grocery budget. There is NO reason why two people should spend that much on groceries in one month.

Speaking of budgets...I hate that word. Brian enjoys budgeting. In fact, I find him on his computer tweaking it all the time. I am a planner and usually love to put things in order but itemizing the budget is one of the last things I want to do..ever. I went over budget on clothes this month :-/ At the beginning of the month I bought a dress for Ben and Alanna's wedding and then last week NY&CO sent me 3 different coupons and I just had to take them up on the $50 off of $100 with buy one get one 50% items included. Yeah, I have a problem. I tried to make it right by selling some of my clothes to Plato's closet and out of two bags of clothes they took one shirt and said the rest was "too mature for their clientele". Seriously? Oh well..here are some pics of a few things I got. I went with all intentions of buying springy brights but ended but with all black white and grey..ooops!

Black and White print dress from NY&CO

Black lace dress from Forever 21 for Ben and Alanna's wedding

T-strap sandals from NY&CO(Mine are silver though)

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