Monday, June 18, 2012


Good Morning..well I suppose its almost noon. I have to admit, i'm dragging today! We had a great weekend spent by the pool and enjoying fellowship with friends from church!

We are down to 2 weeks until we go to Minnesota for a week! Im getting excited. We are spending 4th of July week with Brian's college roommates and their wives. I only got to meet them briefly at our wedding ( and anyone that is married knows you really don't get to properly meet anyone at your wedding) so Im excited to spend more time with them and get to know them more.

My handsome husband with all of his college friends that were able to make it down for the wedding.

Me and some of his college friend's wives at our wedding.

So here are a few things Im excited about this trip

1) Spending a workless week with my love.
2) Getting to know his friends/ making new friends
3)Time in the sun (we are staying in a cabin on the lake)
4) I get to check a bag! This makes packing so much easier. Less stress!
5) Visiting a place I've never been!

We have been lucky to travel a lot in these first 3 months of marriage. We honeymooned in Vegas, visited Brian's family and friends in Indiana, made a trip or two to Ocala and a few trips to Daytona! Being one of 5 children and then also a previous live-in nanny, I must say, traveling without kids is soooo much easier and enjoyable! Im so glad Brian and I have this time together to enjoy life pre-kids!

On a completely different note, I have been looking for an online women's Bible study and came across this site last week. Im excited to start reading the devotionals this week! Join up with us!

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