Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Update!

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Even though ours didn't go exactly as planned, we had a good time!

Friday morning I went up to our church office to help out with some VBS prep. I had a good time getting to know some of the ladies from church. Later that afternoon I went to goodwill to shop around and picked up a few things. Tune in later this month for my first post in the "Good finds at Goodwill"  tab! Afterwards Brian asked me to meet him at Home Depot. Home Depot could possibly be my absolute least favorite store. There is never anything that I can think of that I need from there but we were there for a grill..and I LOVE grilled food. We got our new grill along with some grill-able food and enjoyed an all grilled dinner..

..Followed by my first attempt at Red Velvet Crinkle cookies! They weren't pretty but they tasted good!

Saturday we planned to roll out of bed and go spend a few hours at the beach. When we woke up it was raining so we had a lazy day instead. I did some blog redesigning, some reading, some grocery list and meal planning while Brian worked on building a new pull up bar for the garage. Later in the evening we got together with some friends from church for dinner at Bubba Gumps. The weather was so nice we decided to enjoy dinner out on the deck. Unfortunately, not long after we finished eating I started to feel funny and almost passed out! Needless to say we cut the evening short and went home.

Brian is a trooper and will take as many pics with me as I want!

I was up most of the night Saturday so by Sunday morning I still wasn't feeling right. It turned into another lazy day of napping off and on, preparing a crockpot potroast, reading and watching movies.

I am looking forward to a busier week than last! I hope you guys have a good one!

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